If you are interested in adopting a parrot from PAR, general qualifications are...

You must be at least 18 years of age and must be willing to sign a legally binding adoption contract.
You must adopt the bird as your own personal companion pet. Adoption on behalf of someone else, for a child or as a gift is not permitted.
You must live in North Alabama, specifically within the 205 and 256 area codes north of Tuscalossa, Al. We no longer adopt outside the state of Alabama. Sorry, no exceptions.
You must not have purchased, adopted or otherwise acquired another bird within the last 12 months.
You must have the financial means to properly support the adopted bird. If you are unemployed, we may ask for proof of your ability to do so.
We are looking for permanent, stable homes for our birds. In keeping with that, you must have owned your home or have been in your current rental arrangement a minimum of 2 years. If you rent, we will require a letter from your landlord acknowledging that he/she is aware of your intent to acquire a parrot and that it is permissible for you to maintain it in your rented residence.
If you have ever been convicted at any time or any place of charges relating to animal cruelity, abuse or neglect, you are not eligible to adopt from us.

To apply...

1.  P lease print the Adoption Application, fill it out completely, and mail it to us at the address below. You may also fax the printed application to 256-971-1930. Incomplete applications will be returned. We do not accept applications by email or phone. We do not respond to adoption inquiries by phone so please do not call. If you have questions about our adoption process or a specific bird you can   contact us via email or write to us at the address below .

2. Upon receipt, we will review you application and contact your veterinary and personal references. This process may take as long as 10 days. If your application is approved, we will call you to schedule a first visit with the birds. If we can not approve your application, you will receive written notification by mail as to why. 

Size                  Representative Birds Adoption Fee (Varies with Species)
Mini Finch, Budgie $10.00
Petite Cockateil, Love Bird $25.00
Small Small Conure, Small Parakeet, Parrotlet $60.00
Small-Medium Caique, Medium-Large Conure, Large Parakeet $100.00 - $125.00  
Medium African Grey, Amazon, Eclectus, Smaller Cockatoo $225.00  
Mini Mini Cockatoo, Macaw $300.00
Large Large Cockatoo, Macaw $400.00

We are not a "reseller" of  birds, but we do have to pay the bills.  Though we do receive occasional cash donations, adoption fees pay the vast majority of the avian care expenses at PARS. We make every effort to keep our adoption fees as low as possible, yet keep the bill-collectors off our back. Though we take in and care for many birds whose medical care expenses far exceed their adoption fee we try to keep the fees uniform at approximately 1/3 the retail price one would expect to pay a breeder or pet store.

  Mail completed forms to :   
Parrots-R-4Ever Avian Rescue
Attn: Dave Spurlin
6275 University Dr. Suite 37-373
Huntsville, Al.  35806

Privacy Statement:

The information you submit on the above forms is strictly for the use of PARS personnel in evaluating you adoption request.
This information will never be released in whole or part to anyone outside our immediate organization.

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