So, what exactly does "No-Kill" mean? The No-Kill Advocacy Center The No-Kill Blog - Working to end the systematic killing of animals in U.S. shelters. To learn more about the No-Kill approach to animal sheltering, please visit the websites below. Does this mean that "No-Kill" organizations NEVER end the life of an animal? Frankly, no. When an animal is suffering and there is no possibility of relieving or ending the pain, euthansia is the kindest, most humane thing one can do for the animal. Animal welfare organizations that operate as public charities and derive their funding entirely from public or private donations are not bound by such laws. Such organizations usually struggle for the lack of government funding, but are free to determine the fate of the animals in their care according to their own conscience. Many choose to be governed by what is commonly referred to as a "No-Kill Policy" which simply means that no animal that comes into their care will very be put to death as a matter of convenience, economy or the length of their residence. Furthermore, a NO-Kill shelter will not transfer any bird to any other facility not having and practicing an equivalent NO-KILL policy. Instead, each animal will be placed in an adoptive home or live out their natural lives in a sanctuary situation regardless of how long that takes. Government funded animal service organizations can not turn away animals that are brought to their door and are usually limited by law or resources in how long they can keep and care for the animals they take in. Generally, if a given animal is not claimed by it's owner or adopted in 5 to 10 days or is deemed aggressive or otherwise unadoptable, it is put to death to make room for other animals that need to come in.